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Backgammon game which can be played between two players on the same board or over LAN, intranet using TCP/IP communication
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17 March 2012

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Tired of competing against the artificial intelligence in your games? In such a case, NetBackgammon 1.0 is the perfect choice for you. It’s a unique title in offering from Freeware Software Limited, and just as the company name suggests, the title is available for free download. It’s not a heavy game, neither one of those that will bore with its easy and senseless game play. Its rather one of those light games that helps your mind relax - while at the same time making it fun to compete against a real player for a change. Barely a few months have gone by since the game was released, and it’s already fairly popular amongst gamers from all across the world. If you are still not sure whether or not to give this free title a shot, then read on, for we bring you the reasons why NetBackgammon has bagged so much popularity in its short span of existence.

NetBackgammon 1.0 is a Backgammon title that can be seamlessly played by two players simultaneously, on the same board over a LAN connection. The board is made up of 24 points, also called narrow triangles with different colors. Choose the colors you prefer by going to Edit>Options. Being a board game, it does not require a sophisticated graphics setup. But NetBackgammon 1.0 ensures that it does not disappoint with its visual aspect. The game-play is fun - almost to an addictive level. It does need some serious practice before you become good in the game though. Hence it is recommended that initially you start a lot of games with some one equivalent to you as per as skill set is concerned.

Overall, NetBackgammon 1.0 is a pretty exciting game that won’t disappoint you if you gave it a shot. It deservedly gets a score of four and a half rating points on the scale of five for the amount of excitement it offers.

Publisher's description

NetBackgammon is Backgammon game which can be played between two players on the same board or over LAN, intranet using TCP/IP communication. Backgammon game is played on board between two players. The board consists of 24 points or narrow triangles alternate in color (Choose the triangle color from Edit->Options). These points are kept in four quadrants. These quadrants are called player's home board and outer board and opponent's home board and outer board. The home board and outer board are Separated by bar. The points are numbers starting from 1 to 24 from home board. Each player has 15 checkers of his color choice (Select the color from Edit-Properties).
Version 1.0
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